Thursday, 31 December 2009

God and other disasters

Its just recently I saw the genius that was Bertrand Russell. I am agnostic but am completely against organised religion. So when I saw the Celestial Teapot theory by Bertrand Russell, I was awed. A theory blasting open the ludicrous sense that is Faith. Now there's nothing wrong with faith but not willing to admit that yes there is a possibility that I am wrong just pisses me off.

Very few things get me angry. One is when people try and tell me about how I will go to Hell if I don't follow their religion. Well if God is omnipotent and all-seeing surely he'll know that I will say I'm a believer to get in to Heaven.

Ideals are something which is your own. Be open to others but never let go of what you think is right and wrong.

After reading Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" I really thought what if there is no god? What happens after we die? Well the only way to find out is by waiting and thats what people don't want to do. Truth is we are terrified of Death more than anything else. We are comforted with the belief that there is something for us beyond the veil.

But what gives us the image of God as we have today? This omnipotent, all-seeing, embodiment of good? I wonder if the Romans knew how big Christianity was going to be when they wrote the Bible.

So I sign off with saying
1) Jesus was born in October. 25th December is a huge sham
2) Stop sending me "Remove the group Allah is a motherfucker from Facebook cause requests" I couldn't care less what somebody is doing to be disrespectful about something I really don't care about.
3) Happy New Year :D

Friday, 25 December 2009


On the first day of Christmas that bastard upstairs gave to me, a Add. Math exam and an English exam....FUCK YOU

God's Bday present to me is a Physics exam....FUCK YOU

My Parents stole my 650 Euros with which I was to buy a laptop......FUCK YOU

Santa doesn't exist.....FUCK YOU

Paranormal Activity wasn't scary......FUCK YOU

Avatar will suck.....FUCK YOU

School is open on Boxer Day, New Year's eve, on my Bday.......A HUGE FUCK YOU

This year end sucks....and I turn 15. FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU and FUCK YOU SOME MORE

And my friend Abrar owes me 700 tk, and 2 Bday presents.......THE BIGGEST FUCK YOU

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Quick and to the Point-less

This is random shit at the pinnacle of its game. This is so random it will make sense. This is so random I should probably start writing now.

So, GM isn't selling OPEL. That means 10000 people can kiss their jobs bye bye. Random huh?
And anyone see the U2 concert on YouTube? I loaded like 98% and then my power went. God seriously hates me. Speaking of God, Chelsea just went into the second round of the Champions League. Loserpoop is out. Eat shit, you Scouse Bastards. Merseyside can go die. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're not alone.

Anyone else think India should be blown to tiny bits? They're like the lowest point of human civilization. I mean, when Bangladesh supports Pakistan in cricket against you, you know your foreign affairs dudes are gutter shit.

Well I said I'd keep this post short and to the point-less. I've tried hard. OK no I haven't. I've barely put 2 minutes of my otherwise pathetic and meaningless existence into this. But whatever.

That Guy says see you people in a month. I'll try and blog in Cuba or before I leave.
Sayonara, Adios and Aloha.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The 4th post...and one that promises not to be that funny.

I got 5 more views since my last post. ACHIEVEMENT!!!! I'm so getting the hang of this thing now. By the way, Tareq( for those of you who don't know him, he's this pimply, Filipino-wannabe kid) I will not write about some psycho Colombian serial killer. Thats stupid. And I already overdid the stupidity in my last post.

So anyways, I haven't done jack-shit since the epic "Obama isn't black" thing. I was in Chittagong during the weekend. If you don't know where that is, thats a place that is not where I live. Its not really my hometown, maybe my dads. Its Porag's hometown (for those of you who don't know him he is Porag.). I found that out before I left. Told you this post was gonna suck :/ .

Anyways, at school somebody was talking about WWE. It brought back memories of when I was 5 and thought that fake TV violence and men in their underwear hugging was worth watching. People openly admit that they know WWE is as fake as Kanye West's apology ( remember the VMAs) but they still watch it religiously. Its like they like the near naked guys touching each other. Gives you unpleasant thoughts about what these kids must dream about, doesn't it?
I heard they got Snoop Dogg to be on WWE. And to think I liked Snoop. But I must admit, watching K-FED (or was it Gay-FAG) pinning their best fighter when he lost to a 80 year old guy at Dance Dance Revolution(isn't he supposed to be a professional dancer?), was quite entertaining.

Clowns are scary. Honestly. So are dolls. Remember Chucky? Teletubbies and Barney are the scariest of the lot. No wonder people grow up to fear god. They've been afraid of everything else since age 0.2. My atheistic buddy Tahmidur who prefers to be called Pantho nowadays told me that Teletubbies are banned in some countries. I have no idea as to the validity of that fact but those countries are smart if they have banned Teletubbies. Fucking crackheads. Scared the shit out of me as a kid.

Childhood is far more important than the other parts of you're life. If you have a crappy childhood, you turn out like Michael Jackson or Britney Spears. I'm sure all the Britney groupies are in rehab, and MJ is enjoying a resurgence. Try all you want, Tupac's death was way better, MJ.

Well, so much for KISS (keeping it short and simple, that was Wasi's advice.)
Running our of cool ways to say this is the end so
cool huh?
That Guy signing out...well not really. Still online on FB

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Obama isn't black o.O

This week I decide to show my political knowledge. OK, I'm not really going to but I'm going to be stupid about it. So what is more stupid than our blubbering fools of world leaders, namely Barack "Ma Nigga" Obama and Nicolas "Likes The Booty" Sarkozy. They might be among the most powerful people in the world but they prove they're still just men. Anyone remember that epic picture from G8(or was it G20)? No? Well, I put them on this post.

CNN(kissasses) said Obama was just looking at the stairs so he doesn't fall. Right, we believe you mate. As if The US President, Mr. Change, The President of Awesome can't climb down some stairs without taking every precaution that he doesn't fall. No wonder Larry King wears glasses.

Yes, they're all high and mighty. Doesn't mean they've lost touch with the pervert inside. Sarkozy regularly has tea and croissants with it. Thats why he has a supermodel wife (lucky tiny French guy).

Anyways, isn't Pink the new Black? that would mean my hair is pink. NOOO!!! Oh man, they're goes the That Guy look, in comes the Vanilla Ice look. But then my cat is also pink and Pigs are black. O_O OMG!!!! Barack Obama isn't black!!!!!! HE"S PINK. (Told you this post was going to be stupid)

And I end this post with a special mention to (I think we're friends) Tasfia, who recently stated that she is a cat. I'd suggest a good round of shock therapy.

So, smell ya later
That Guy signing off

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

That Guy takes Wasi's advice and makes random short posts like crazy

I wasn't originally going to make another post for about a month but Wasi (for those of you who don't know him, he's Wasi) just told me to keep my posts short and stupid. Well I feel really unimaginative today. I'm sorry if there's a lack of stupidity in this post.

Well, nothing of much interest has happened in my life in the past, err, however many days its been since my last post. I downloaded FIFA 10( and won the Champion's League with some second division German team. Zieg HELL!!) and Year One ( Its not as bad as people make it out to be. The new Will Ferrel movie is worse. ) .

I've been trying to learn guitar. So I needed to buy a couple of picks. So yesterday my friend Imad came over (about 3 hrs late) to go with me to the place. And Imad is a serious dumbshit. No offence man, but anyone who doesn't know what century it is qualifies as a dumbshit. But OMFG, because his driver is stupider than he is. He's a driver but doesn't know where anything is in the city(I don't mean like stores and shit. He doesn't know what road he lives on o_o ). So after going around in circles for an hour we finally made it to the place. I got a pick with a bunny on it :) . When we got back into the car, the driver's like where the hell are we?

Well, that's pretty much all that is worth saying about my life in the last week or so. And on a closing note I would like to add, people sending missed calls is not cool, female singers can't do rock, U2 are legends and icebergs are melting so cut down on your carbon emissions and plant trees or Baby Jesus will be pissed at you (See, That Guy has a humanitarian side :P )

Till next we meet,
That Guy

Saturday, 24 October 2009

My Top 10 songs because Idk what else to write

Well this is my first time doing this "blog" thing. I mean, I've never written one or for that fact, I have never even read someone else's blog. I just made this one because I felt like blabbing about random shit.

Well, i have no idea what to write. Tell me what to write for my next post or whatever its called. But for this one I guess I'll have to tell you about me. Well, I'm That Guy. No, not the guy you have in mind but That Guy. Well someone once told me you can tell a lot about a person by finding out what he/she listens to. So that would save me a lot of thinking up bullshit time and I can tell you about what music I like. And before I start I would just want to add, this decade has been mostly shit for music. Rap has been ruined, Rock is incomprehensible now and I've never been a R'n'B and Jazz sort of guy. Ok I can't think of any more genres so I'll start with my countdown now. :)

10) Wonderwall- Oasis
Its safe to say Oasis is far more popular than their arch-nemesis Blur and even though they've released a thousand identical sounding albums since 1995, Wonderwall is definitely their best song.

9) Riders On The Storm - The Doors
Yes, yes we all know about Break On Through, Light My Fire and The End being The Doors best. But this song was the song that got me into the Doors and that's why its 9th on my list. Its supposedly about a hitch-hiker/ serial killer who kills a family, well at least part of it. Incorporating real sound effects of rain and thunder and Ray Manzarek's piano, this is truly one of their great songs and Snoop Dogg didn't do a bad job of remixing it later!

8) When I Come Around- Green Day
The song that propelled Green Day to international stardom. Forget American Idiot, Boulevard of Broken Dreams and the crap that's on their new album( 21st century breakdown is gutter shit.) this is what made them. Most Green Day "fans" haven't heard this song since its from before American Idiot but in my opinion Dookie was a far better album then American Idiot. That's why this is 8th on my list.

7) Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
I had only heard the stuff on Stadium Arcadium before I heard this. My cousin saw me listening to Dani California and said listen to Under The Bridge. I actually related to the lyrics at that moment in time (not the drugs, just the lonely part) and after that this song "dropkicked its way" into my top 10.

6) Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen
The UKs 3rd best-selling single of all time makes it 6th in this list. This is Freddie Mercury at his best. The interesting thing is that the song doesn't have a chorus, instead comprises of 3 main parts. An a cappella part, an opera segment and hard rock bit. In America it got mixed reactions (just goes to show how stupid those jackasses are. No offence to any Americans that might read this but after the Bush era, thats pretty much what the world thinks of you.) but is now considered one of the greatest song ever.

5) Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
Bet you weren't expecting this here huh? No, I haven't seen City Of Angels and this is the only Goo Goo Dolls song I like but its just that good. The acoustic guitar on this song is absolutely brilliant and the fact that its called Iris because John Rzeznik thought it sounded nice helps it to be my 5th favorite song of all time.

4) Where The Streets Have No Name- U2
The Joshua Tree is in my opinion the greatest album of all time. Where The Streets Have No Name , like Riders on the Storm with the Doors, is the song that got me into U2. From there, U2 is now my favourite band. The difficulty in playing this song was so difficult, that producer Brian Eno actually tried erasing it from the tapes. Thank god he didn't!

3) Hallowed Be Thy Name- Iron Maiden
For a long time my favourite song, its now 3rd. Showing off Bruce Dickinson's awesome vocal talents and two sick guitar solos it is easily Maiden's best(again imo). About a man realizing his fear of death as he walks to the gallows and his reluctance to admit this to himself. Pure awesomeness.

2) Highway To Hell- AC/DC
Truer words never spoken. Life IS a Highway to Hell. How many of you can confidently say "I am going to Heaven". Though thats not really what the song is about. Its actually about how their life on tour is like a Highway to Hell. But it still makes sense. See you guys in Hell.

1) Song 2 - Blur
Most people would say its not possible to like both Oasis and Blur. Yet they start and finish my countdown. Song 2 was a really fun song and I first heard it on the FIFA 98 soundtrack. Awesome riffs and a fucked up (in the good sense) chorus makes this their best song and my favourite song of all time.

Well I don't know if you can comment or whatever but give me ideas for my next post. So I'll be back. Maybe not next week, or next month, or next year but I'll be back. Not in the Arnold Schwarzenegger way but in That Guy way.

Till then, fare thee well
That Guy