Tuesday, 27 October 2009

That Guy takes Wasi's advice and makes random short posts like crazy

I wasn't originally going to make another post for about a month but Wasi (for those of you who don't know him, he's Wasi) just told me to keep my posts short and stupid. Well I feel really unimaginative today. I'm sorry if there's a lack of stupidity in this post.

Well, nothing of much interest has happened in my life in the past, err, however many days its been since my last post. I downloaded FIFA 10( and won the Champion's League with some second division German team. Zieg HELL!!) and Year One ( Its not as bad as people make it out to be. The new Will Ferrel movie is worse. ) .

I've been trying to learn guitar. So I needed to buy a couple of picks. So yesterday my friend Imad came over (about 3 hrs late) to go with me to the place. And Imad is a serious dumbshit. No offence man, but anyone who doesn't know what century it is qualifies as a dumbshit. But OMFG, because his driver is stupider than he is. He's a driver but doesn't know where anything is in the city(I don't mean like stores and shit. He doesn't know what road he lives on o_o ). So after going around in circles for an hour we finally made it to the place. I got a pick with a bunny on it :) . When we got back into the car, the driver's like where the hell are we?

Well, that's pretty much all that is worth saying about my life in the last week or so. And on a closing note I would like to add, people sending missed calls is not cool, female singers can't do rock, U2 are legends and icebergs are melting so cut down on your carbon emissions and plant trees or Baby Jesus will be pissed at you (See, That Guy has a humanitarian side :P )

Till next we meet,
That Guy


  1. nooo, u got it wrong, its 'or baby jesus shall piss on u from the heavens above'

  2. LOL...check back tmrw. Gonna write about Barack "Ma Nigga" Obama and Nicolas "Likes The Booty" Sarkozy