Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Twitter Account

I've pretty much given up on this blog. I've learnt that a successful blog is not as easy as it appeared in my dreams when Jesus told me to make a blog and blab. Actually I don't know why I'm still writing this as chances are nobody will ever read this.

But I have made a twitter account. So i'm going to give this blog one more shot. Ill post links, and (hopefully) people will come in droves to view my sad blog. Then World Domination *enter evil laugh*.

I'll post tomorrow about my thoughts on the World Cup. Till then.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Pacman and Pokemon are the shit

First of all Pacman is now exactly double my age. And it still be kicking ass. You gotta love that little yellow blob. And the ghost things(you know the four freaks that try and kill him). I just found out that they're called Blinkey, Pinkey, Inkey and Clyde. XD

Pacman is the best video game ever. I spent like 2 hours last night playing Pacman on Google. God bless Google.

I have finals next week. Screw education, I'm gonna be a Pokemon Master when I grow up. They started Pokemon from season 1 again. :D The original 150 were awesome. The new Pokemon suck. They suck so bad that Pacman should guest star in an episode of Pokemon and kick all their asses.

Long live Dio, Pacman, and the original 150 pokemon

Oh and I included a link to a site where you can play Pacman

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Me back. Rejoice mohaimin

I'm back after nearly two months away. I had actually given up all hope of ever coming back but thanks to my fan club, consisting of 2 members(Mohaimin and my mom) have finally made me get off my ass, walk 10 feet to the computer, moving the cursor around the screen and get back to this accursed page.

Soooo, I got nothing. Honestly I'm blank. Oh and my iPod has viruses. I didn't even think iPods get viruses. BUt some fatass out there living in his parents basement with a pizza box mountain and hot sauce stains on his shirt evidently succeeded in making one. My friend, I congratulate you. You have worked tirelessly for the annoyance of others. Salutations, friend.

You know what I hate? Pelicans. I mean, what are they? Birds or Flying Garbage Trucks? God, if you're reading, EPIC FAIL man. EPIC FAIL. I mean this has to be right up there with your worst creations. Coconuts and Mongolians. But then again you did give us the Platypus(seriously, it was meant as a joke right?) so I guess we can call it even.

Now since Dhaka is the city of Rickshaws, Corruption, Burning Shopping Malls and Power Outages, I'll stop here as I should go find some sleeping pills before the next blackout.

Till Next time, Thats all folks

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Halo and Friendship

Its been a while since I last posted here. I've been meaning to but I kept reminding myself nobody cares. Anyways I've forgotten anything I've wanted to write in the last month so I'll write about recent events.

I suck at Halo. I mean the game is freakin awesome but i suck monkey nuts at it. I need a gravity hammer to manage one or two kills. Nonetheless, MASTERCHIEF IS GOD.

Friendship is when you finish a tub of ice-cream and a big bag of nuts before even picking a movie to watch. It means I have friends. I have purpose now. WOOT WOOT

Well thats about it...dont expect another post soon but I'll try to write again this month

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

FML? Jam Legend? Why are there question marks after these words?

I've been on fagbookie for like 4 years and chatting way longer but I still for some strange unknown reason the meaning of the term 'FML' has eluded me. What the hell does it mean? Fuckin Mexican Lesbians? Following My Legs? Faxing Mongolian Linguists? Alrite, maybe its not any of the above.

I always wanted a PS2 because I wanted to play Guitar Hero, even though I suck horribly at it. I have finally found a solution. Jamlegend.com. Its like Guitar Hero....on a computer. Thats like woaah...the marvels of web designers and people with lots of sare time. Thats like twilight zone man. What will they come up with next? I know...a dog collar which will tell you where the dog is.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes was so freakin epic....in the suckiest possible manner. My god it was so horrible. I mean I was literally ready to grab my Computer and toss it at the next car I see on the road when I saw it.

I am now quite sure that Rob Downey Jr. has screwed up and mixed up the scripts for Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man 2. He went freakin Superman without underwear on everyone's ass. I am pretty sure Arthur Conan Doyle is not only turning in his grave but also twitching uncontrollably, itching his ass because of some chronic skin condition and jerking off to Kevin Federline.

And I am pretty sure nobody in that era had spiky hair like Rob has in the movie. And what happened to something called Deduction which Sherlock Holmes was quite good at? I'll tell you what. It got shat out through Rob's ass and then swallowed by Rachel McAdams.

Just goes to show how Hollywood can take something so ingenious and turn it into a complete FAIL. Now to watch Avatar which I am sure will be even worse. But then again I always did want to see the Blue Man Group get devoured by vicious bug creatures and blown up by the US army.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Happiness is pissing me off

Just once I'd like to see the villain win. I don't care if he/she/they/it gets completely obliterated, burnt to ashes, scattered all over the Mediterranean, and peed on by dolphins in the next movie, but just once I would like to see the villain win.

Every movie its like freakin Deja Vu. Its like no matter what I know that in the end the guy and girl either gets together and has sex/survive the end of the world/ have interspecies sex(Twilight) and the same conclusion is they lived Happily Ever After. SCREW THAT. Happy endings are so overrated. I mean Happiness is used more than slow mo now. I need to go watch a really gory bloody slasher. Ninja Assassin anyone?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Climate Gate

Screw Climate Gate and Fuck every gate out there. Including Bill Gates. Mac all the way bitches. All right I should shut up as I'm using Windows(and hating it).

Now when Copenhagen started we were all so full of hope that the developed and rich of the world will finally start to think about something other than their own asses. Well I say FUCK YOU to every Obama,Brown,Sarkozy and Merkel and every other bitch out there.

I figured it would fizz out to nothing and we'd be the ones suffering from Global Warming. Fidel Castro(yes most evil man on earth) wrote a great article about what really happened. I can't find the link though. Anyways, after all that glitz and glamour of the political kind nothing happened. We're still gonna do Day After Tomorrow shit.

But I guess the only positive reaction Climate Shit got was from the climate. I'm freezing :(

Monday, 4 January 2010

Insane how stupid the people around me are

OMG!!! I am locked in from the outside in this room. This has to be a milestone in how moronic people can be.

The guy turned around, saw me, left the lights and shit on, closed the door, and padlocked it. I am seriously astounded (and stupefied) at how retarded that is. You know its so retarded, even writing this I am in disbelief of this. And this guy got through school with A's and I can't? Like I say all the time, our education system is fucked. It doesn't value intelligence. It cares about grades. FUCK YOU. Da Vinci probably didn't go to school and he turned out ok. Eccentric, but ok.

FUCK SCHOOL. Especially cause I have an exam tomorrow. Oh shit, my books are in the other room. I'm screwed.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

I'm On A Mac

The Apple fanboy's anthem. Made me want to go out and buy a Mac. I'm sick of PC. Especially my one, it sucks.

Best Part : "Never thought I'd be on a Mac, yeah its like streamlined good-for-you crack" :D