Thursday, 31 December 2009

God and other disasters

Its just recently I saw the genius that was Bertrand Russell. I am agnostic but am completely against organised religion. So when I saw the Celestial Teapot theory by Bertrand Russell, I was awed. A theory blasting open the ludicrous sense that is Faith. Now there's nothing wrong with faith but not willing to admit that yes there is a possibility that I am wrong just pisses me off.

Very few things get me angry. One is when people try and tell me about how I will go to Hell if I don't follow their religion. Well if God is omnipotent and all-seeing surely he'll know that I will say I'm a believer to get in to Heaven.

Ideals are something which is your own. Be open to others but never let go of what you think is right and wrong.

After reading Richard Dawkins "The God Delusion" I really thought what if there is no god? What happens after we die? Well the only way to find out is by waiting and thats what people don't want to do. Truth is we are terrified of Death more than anything else. We are comforted with the belief that there is something for us beyond the veil.

But what gives us the image of God as we have today? This omnipotent, all-seeing, embodiment of good? I wonder if the Romans knew how big Christianity was going to be when they wrote the Bible.

So I sign off with saying
1) Jesus was born in October. 25th December is a huge sham
2) Stop sending me "Remove the group Allah is a motherfucker from Facebook cause requests" I couldn't care less what somebody is doing to be disrespectful about something I really don't care about.
3) Happy New Year :D

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