Thursday, 29 October 2009

Obama isn't black o.O

This week I decide to show my political knowledge. OK, I'm not really going to but I'm going to be stupid about it. So what is more stupid than our blubbering fools of world leaders, namely Barack "Ma Nigga" Obama and Nicolas "Likes The Booty" Sarkozy. They might be among the most powerful people in the world but they prove they're still just men. Anyone remember that epic picture from G8(or was it G20)? No? Well, I put them on this post.

CNN(kissasses) said Obama was just looking at the stairs so he doesn't fall. Right, we believe you mate. As if The US President, Mr. Change, The President of Awesome can't climb down some stairs without taking every precaution that he doesn't fall. No wonder Larry King wears glasses.

Yes, they're all high and mighty. Doesn't mean they've lost touch with the pervert inside. Sarkozy regularly has tea and croissants with it. Thats why he has a supermodel wife (lucky tiny French guy).

Anyways, isn't Pink the new Black? that would mean my hair is pink. NOOO!!! Oh man, they're goes the That Guy look, in comes the Vanilla Ice look. But then my cat is also pink and Pigs are black. O_O OMG!!!! Barack Obama isn't black!!!!!! HE"S PINK. (Told you this post was going to be stupid)

And I end this post with a special mention to (I think we're friends) Tasfia, who recently stated that she is a cat. I'd suggest a good round of shock therapy.

So, smell ya later
That Guy signing off

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