Monday, 24 May 2010

Pacman and Pokemon are the shit

First of all Pacman is now exactly double my age. And it still be kicking ass. You gotta love that little yellow blob. And the ghost things(you know the four freaks that try and kill him). I just found out that they're called Blinkey, Pinkey, Inkey and Clyde. XD

Pacman is the best video game ever. I spent like 2 hours last night playing Pacman on Google. God bless Google.

I have finals next week. Screw education, I'm gonna be a Pokemon Master when I grow up. They started Pokemon from season 1 again. :D The original 150 were awesome. The new Pokemon suck. They suck so bad that Pacman should guest star in an episode of Pokemon and kick all their asses.

Long live Dio, Pacman, and the original 150 pokemon

Oh and I included a link to a site where you can play Pacman

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Me back. Rejoice mohaimin

I'm back after nearly two months away. I had actually given up all hope of ever coming back but thanks to my fan club, consisting of 2 members(Mohaimin and my mom) have finally made me get off my ass, walk 10 feet to the computer, moving the cursor around the screen and get back to this accursed page.

Soooo, I got nothing. Honestly I'm blank. Oh and my iPod has viruses. I didn't even think iPods get viruses. BUt some fatass out there living in his parents basement with a pizza box mountain and hot sauce stains on his shirt evidently succeeded in making one. My friend, I congratulate you. You have worked tirelessly for the annoyance of others. Salutations, friend.

You know what I hate? Pelicans. I mean, what are they? Birds or Flying Garbage Trucks? God, if you're reading, EPIC FAIL man. EPIC FAIL. I mean this has to be right up there with your worst creations. Coconuts and Mongolians. But then again you did give us the Platypus(seriously, it was meant as a joke right?) so I guess we can call it even.

Now since Dhaka is the city of Rickshaws, Corruption, Burning Shopping Malls and Power Outages, I'll stop here as I should go find some sleeping pills before the next blackout.

Till Next time, Thats all folks