Saturday, 1 October 2011

kindergarten + boobs + rat's ass = Poop post

Hmm, having no life but still not being, in the conventional sense, dead means I have nothing to do. Yeah, that’s exactly what it means. What is the purpose of a sentence defining itself? Well, apart from educating the appallingly stupid, its probably as useless as a sign which reads ‘Do not read’ or a Catholic priest in a kindergarten class (this was a completely random conjuration, honest, I’m sure he has his reasons for being there).

When I have nothing to do, which is almost always, I either sleep or watch anime. I’m not sure how one goes about saying it. Watch manga? Watch anime? Watch cartoons? Yeah, I do that. On a slightly unrelated note, does anyone know when the new Futurama season is coming out?

I, That Guy, am currently hooked on Game of Thrones. And I swear it has nothing to do with the boobs that appear every two minutes. It's got Sean Bean. Sean Bean has made a career out of fucking up in every role he plays. He's also a grade-A badass. The man was apparently stabbed in the arm in a bar fight and refused to go with the paramedics until he finished his beer. Badass. He's almost like Spongebob. Also, the bastards at work haven't paid me for August yet (why the fuck are you still working for them then?). Assholes. And they say I'm a douche. Fuck you.

Sooner or later, this blog will forego all humour, and concentrate on serious analysis of serious topics in a serious manner accompanied by (if any) serious pictures. The Librarian series will soon be at a close with a conclusion stating that the probability of a semi-potent celestial Librarian’s existence is not too high (GLITS forgive me), Places that Suck will probable turn to highlighting actual problems in the concerned countries and well, do we have any more series posts? If Crow Poop can be considered one then he will either get a real job or organize unfruitful protests against corrupted overlords and then get crushed. Why are we doing this and potentially ruining the little readership we have? Because, we need this on our already shitty college applications. And dissident blogger gets you good scholarship. Which we need as our grades will hardly merit a rat's ass.

We're bored and soon That Guy will have exams, again. Haha jackass, I laugh at him. This really isn't leading anywhere. It's kinda random. Kinda shitty. This is so unlike us.