Monday, 1 February 2010

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes was so freakin the suckiest possible manner. My god it was so horrible. I mean I was literally ready to grab my Computer and toss it at the next car I see on the road when I saw it.

I am now quite sure that Rob Downey Jr. has screwed up and mixed up the scripts for Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man 2. He went freakin Superman without underwear on everyone's ass. I am pretty sure Arthur Conan Doyle is not only turning in his grave but also twitching uncontrollably, itching his ass because of some chronic skin condition and jerking off to Kevin Federline.

And I am pretty sure nobody in that era had spiky hair like Rob has in the movie. And what happened to something called Deduction which Sherlock Holmes was quite good at? I'll tell you what. It got shat out through Rob's ass and then swallowed by Rachel McAdams.

Just goes to show how Hollywood can take something so ingenious and turn it into a complete FAIL. Now to watch Avatar which I am sure will be even worse. But then again I always did want to see the Blue Man Group get devoured by vicious bug creatures and blown up by the US army.

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