Monday, 4 January 2010

Insane how stupid the people around me are

OMG!!! I am locked in from the outside in this room. This has to be a milestone in how moronic people can be.

The guy turned around, saw me, left the lights and shit on, closed the door, and padlocked it. I am seriously astounded (and stupefied) at how retarded that is. You know its so retarded, even writing this I am in disbelief of this. And this guy got through school with A's and I can't? Like I say all the time, our education system is fucked. It doesn't value intelligence. It cares about grades. FUCK YOU. Da Vinci probably didn't go to school and he turned out ok. Eccentric, but ok.

FUCK SCHOOL. Especially cause I have an exam tomorrow. Oh shit, my books are in the other room. I'm screwed.

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