Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Climate Gate

Screw Climate Gate and Fuck every gate out there. Including Bill Gates. Mac all the way bitches. All right I should shut up as I'm using Windows(and hating it).

Now when Copenhagen started we were all so full of hope that the developed and rich of the world will finally start to think about something other than their own asses. Well I say FUCK YOU to every Obama,Brown,Sarkozy and Merkel and every other bitch out there.

I figured it would fizz out to nothing and we'd be the ones suffering from Global Warming. Fidel Castro(yes most evil man on earth) wrote a great article about what really happened. I can't find the link though. Anyways, after all that glitz and glamour of the political kind nothing happened. We're still gonna do Day After Tomorrow shit.

But I guess the only positive reaction Climate Shit got was from the climate. I'm freezing :(

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