Wednesday, 10 February 2010

FML? Jam Legend? Why are there question marks after these words?

I've been on fagbookie for like 4 years and chatting way longer but I still for some strange unknown reason the meaning of the term 'FML' has eluded me. What the hell does it mean? Fuckin Mexican Lesbians? Following My Legs? Faxing Mongolian Linguists? Alrite, maybe its not any of the above.

I always wanted a PS2 because I wanted to play Guitar Hero, even though I suck horribly at it. I have finally found a solution. Its like Guitar Hero....on a computer. Thats like woaah...the marvels of web designers and people with lots of sare time. Thats like twilight zone man. What will they come up with next? I know...a dog collar which will tell you where the dog is.

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