Saturday, 15 January 2011

The Zodiac Changed! Who cares? Its freezing!

If you remember from my last post, I mentioned I was sick. My belief that it was a reaction to a particularly bad movie brought on by horrible cinema is most likely true. But I will give a more plausible reason as to why its still not gone.

As many of you poor helpless souls may know, I live in Bangladesh (find a map and look for a tiny little piece of land near India's asscrack). Winter here is normally around 20 degrees Celsius. It never snows. It doesn't even fog up that much. But this year temperatures have plummeted just like our stock market. Its down to 4 degrees in some parts of the country.( It never goes below 4 degrees. Theres a law that the government has to do something about it if it goes below 4 ) Dhaka is currently colder that London. Thanks a lot Global Warming/ Climate Change/ Whatever its called nowadays.

So the Zodiac signs changed.(Than you Science) Apparently they added a new one. Its called Ophiucus but it sounds like "Oh fuck us". No. Unless your hot in which case okay. But chances are your some bald four-eyed lab-coat wearing loser who lives in his moms basement reading old Green Lantern comics and still having nerd-gasms at Halle Berry as Catwoman.

So, why do people care about the Zodiac Change? Well, its because people are dumb. Its because people feel things that don't matter do matter. Well, they don't. If you were a Cancer 15 years ago, you're still a Cancer. And not in the good way. (Is there a good way of being a Cancer? I mean its a crab? And please note my clever wordplay)
Over the years there have been many pieces of information that the media has considered news-worthy and the public has considered important but in actuality are completely useless. For example, Clinton getting some in the House, Osama Bin Laden, Darfur, Swine Flu, Justin Bieber, etc. The list goes on and on and on. This is just the start of 2011's Inane Information Invasion.( yes I got that from a different site)

That Guy


  1. amen! who really cares about the zodiac unless you're reading the paper in a really boring doctor's office and you don't want to look up because everyone there is scary and has the potential to follow you back to your car?

    and might i add that your random images at the top of the page are RICH

  2. Thank you. The images glued together on Paint is admittedly one of my finer works. And I take a bus which is even scarier when you have someone following you because they come and sit down next to you and then, awkwardness

  3. No That Guy....they sit next to you, play loud tacky hindi/bangla songs in which the two lines of lyrics are "I love you" and "YOu are my beloved", and then, when someone calls, they start talking so loudly on the phone that you wud think that your in the middle of a nuclear haulocaust (did i spell that right???). and they stalk you as well. so, awkwardness is an understatement....
    O, and That Guy. I know who u are. I kno where u live. I know which skool u go to. I kno that u want to play Ocarina of Time on your soon to get 3DS. I know....................

  4. holocaust.

    Yameen, why are you called ShadowRanger? You neither range nor are you particularly dark. Thanks to you I'm looking through old posts which will help for the 2 year anniversary post.