Thursday, 6 January 2011

Back again. Why do I bother?

Well, to any random soul that just happened to stumble on to this sad excuse for a blog, making a blog is not that easy. Well actually, getting readers is the hard part. I last posted six months ago and I highly doubt I've had a single hit since then. Honestly I really should just quit. Its not just because I have no readers, also because I am very inconsistent as a writer. I've promised to write every week so many times yet I never do bother. Well, this is depressing huh?

Anyways, I have a friend who is trying to get me back into writing. He has promised to collaborate on the blog from now on. All the writing will still be coming from one profile (my one) but he'll sign at the bottom. Until he comes up with a decent name, I'll call him Richard Dawkins. And no, unfortunately he isn't helping with this very sad post.

I hardly ever check my e-mail. Yet another bad habit. Recently I got a mail from something called City Media Foundation. Apparently they've contacted quite a few bloggers to become admins of their cities. The objective is to upload videos of their city for the world to see. I see two bad things that would happen if I was given the job. 1) The videos would never be uploaded
2) The world would become blind thanks to the beauty (note sarcasm) of my fair city. Therefore I sent a respectful declining letter. Probably was a scam anyways.

Anyways, Richard Dawkins will be in touch. Till then,
That Guy

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