Monday, 28 March 2011

Acronyms and a Picture of a Leprechaun

Acronyms such as LOL and ROFL and LMAO and ROFLJACKOFFTOFALLOUTBOY have been menacing the internet's intellectuals since the beginning of social networking (Thank you, Mark Fuckerburg, you fucking gremlin prick) and the tween revolution. These intelligence lowering noises are like sparkly vampires who make you suck their cock instead of them sucking your blood, which is scarier unless you're gay in which case they force you to have sex with the opposite sex. The only sense the last sentence needs to make is that these abbreviations are bad. Keeping in mind the general public (YOU) are defined by their low intelligence, lets explain in simpler terms shall we. Lawlz dawg, diz shizz iz badz, yo. If youz iz not agreez, youz a poopie. Better?

So why is ROFLATEMYSOAP so bad? Well, don't you find it annoying when you say "hello" and the other person says "lol”. As soon as you see those three letters on your screen you know the conversation is doomed. No matter how much you try, unless you are on a perfectly intellectual par with the other person (meaning you're both dumbasses), efforts to resurrect the conversation will prove futile.

Nobody laughs at a knock knock joke unless they are mentally retarded or breathing pure Nitrogen Dioxide. So when I say “Knock knock" and you say "ROFLPISSYMYPANTS", you are obviously lying. A simple, expressionless "haha" would have sufficed. But alas, people have tiny brains and copy other tiny brained people leading to a vicious cycle of stupidity and falling for ill-constructed internet scams.

This post was originally meant to contain more meaningless rants but procrastination, being the crafty bastard it is, wouldn't allow us to. But anyways, tell us what you think of this (click on the box left of awesomeness, don't be a bitch) and comment.

If you don't want to comment, you can spam That Guy at Don't tell him I'm handing this out. If he is insistent on finding out then blame the leprechaun. Don’t worry, he’s a close friend, he won’t mind taking the blame.

Also we are going to be inactive for quite a while. We have heard weather forecasts of a lesbian cloud in the vicinity of South Asia and plan on chasing it. That Guy, will however respond to comments and tell spammers to fuck off, but don't expect any new posts. I expect the adventure will continue until 8th of June at least. Expect pictures of our escapades in our next post. And please don't unfollow us. We are not incapable of begging and baking cookies to reward you for loyalty.

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  1. I confess I do use lol, but only when I am lol...however I do know people who begin and end every sentence with it - "lol how are you, I have the flu lol"

    to use ?

  2. lol is only acceptable when you have shat your pants laughing. And as for the lesbian cloud, there's a mention of how much we love lesbian clouds ( literally a cloud made of girls who do things to each other) in our last post.

  3. I think lol is the stupidest shit ever, funking type the whole word. How of these people can text faster than i can type? I hate when i get that stuff

  4. @Mike - I don't particularly enjoy texting either. If I really want to contact you, I will call/meet up with you. Don't want to fucking send you a message that says "Yo, wud upz dawg. I jus wanna be sayin hi."
    @Psycho - HERETIC!!! : )

  5. That meme of the old man, made my day. No more new posts for a while?! BUT YOU ENTERTAIN ME!

  6. I'm sorry. I really do wish I could make a new post. I can see the followers leaving already.

  7. I loved this post. In spite of the fact that I love LOL. And I really did LOL at this post

    Didn't shit myself but I did do the wheezing laugh that keeps going till my stomach hurts.

    Also, now that I think about it, I did have to hold my butt cheeks. Seriously. LOL. :)

  8. I'm going to ignore all the "lols" in your comment. Thanks. And about the butt cheeks...too much information. :)

  9. Rolling on floor pissing my self laughing?

  10. Oooo chase the lesbian clouds!!

    i always think whatever i say is lame on the internet. what is acceptable?!


  11. yup

    sometimes I make them up, spesh when talkin to fuckwits, I'll put PJHDH then when they ask what it means I take the piss cos they don't know.

  12. @Better - I like muahahahaha. Go with that.

  13. lol at the picture of the old guy with the vampire slogan xD ... damn i just used lol :/ sorryy

    cool blog :)

  14. @laura - That old man is one of the few old people I will tolerate. And you are my 70th follower. You get 100 awesome points.

  15. Yeh, this blog is awsome.... soooo glad I found it. Subscribed!

  16. How did you find this old post?