Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bad Ideas versus That Guy

I am not sure whether the abbreviated from of 'versus' should be capitalized, semi-capitalized or not at all capitalized. This is another poop post I decided to waste my time on while my Futurama episode loads. We have come across a character we cannot really decide (did you know 'dickhead' is one of the suggestions presented by Google when you spell decide incorrectly?) what to do with, so we are each making our own story surrounding this character. This character is CrowPoop, Crow Poop or even Crow-Poop if you will, but most definitely not Crow_Poop.

Both our schools started, I now fear I may not have the luxury of doing nothing anymore. That Guy is in Malaysia now for some reason. The story is about Crow Poop and will hopefully involve black humor. We decided after little debating that black humor is not Dave Chappelle (black comedian) nor is it racist jokes directed at black people. Did you know there is a fetus Pokemon now? Anyways, this is what we decided black humor is. Black humour is basically making fun of stuff we're supposed to be serious about. Like death, rape, murder, child abuse, Jesus, school rules, running with scissors, etc.

Some girl is helping That Guy with his writing and some girl is supposed to be helping me with my writing. Anyway, we post one of our writing on 20th or 21st and the next piece of writing on 24th-ish, so whose writing do you want to see first?

There, the episodes are done buffering. Oh, and last thing, my story will be detective-y and That Guy’s story will be post-apocalyptic; most probably. But don’t hold me to anything I have said. Did I mention its like a competition?


  1. I'm bored so I'm commenting. I'm sitting in front of Starbucks as the movie is still another half hour from starting (Harry Potter. Yes.).

    Girls are unreliable creatures. For example, the one helping me has gone AWOL, and hopefully now KIA and I like using THESE acronyms.

    And since no one else has commented thus far on who should post first, I vote Bad Ideas post first as I have not yet touched my story. Nor do I know the location of the USB drive that holds the story.

  2. I've slightly touched mine, in the same way the old man in the house across the street touches his wife.

  3. I was going to vote That Guy, but I suppose Bad Ideas has already been selected.

  4. Not really. 1 vote Bad Ideas (me). I vote for me (Nicole). Bad Ideas, vote. Me or you?

  5. I too vote for That Guy. The person who needs to help me by reading the story is missing until 22nd

  6. That guy, how have I missed out on your blog for so long? I am throughyly ashamed of myself...not for following your blog but for personal and quite creepy reasons.

    Anyway, I am now your newest follower...deal with it...

  7. You should be ashamed. And I am dealing with it by commenting a reply which you no doubt will never see.