Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Real Hiatus Announcement

Its been a hell of a few months for the blog. We made 1300 views this month, got hate comments from angry Indian ninjas, got to 92 followers. But now is the time to take a break. I'm sorry but we must leave. And not because of your stupid Indian bitch ass, Anonymous. Apologies to any other Indian followers because I get not all of you are like Anonymous.

This decision has been a long time coming. We have to get back to real life duties. Sadly, we can't cite a lesbian cloud (literally a cloud made of girls who do things to each other) as the reason of our departure. For the reason is more mundane and...just plain lame. We have exams. GCE exams. GCE stands for Stupid shit exams that will ruin our lives if we fail.
I got a job. I'm going to be writing in the biggest youth magazine in Dhaka. And going to be paid peanuts. Ahh the things I do because my co-writer doesn't want to do them alone.

Well, I suppose thats about it. Guys, please don't un-follow the blog. I will be back in a month. And I really don't want to come back and see 92 turn into 9 because those 9 are probably dead and so cannot unfollow my blog.

Till then,
That Guy and Bad Ideas.

P.S If anyone needs me I'll check my email. Its right below the main blog picture in the introduction.

P.P.S Anonymous, this is for you


  1. oh good you are coming back :)

    congrats on your job and you will do great on your exams!!!

  2. Was starting to think Oh no!!! But You will be back, so............everything is ok. Obviously exams are a priority. By the way Congratulations for the job and best of luck for the exams. MERDE as we say in France and no thank you please, It's bad (French superstition)!

  3. I'm very unhappy about this post. I don't think you realize how much joy I gain from reading your posts. Dicks.
    ...I kid, of course!
    Exams are awful, so I'm sure you'll have a grand ol' time! Hurry back, OR ELSE.

  4. the day you were born a bangladeshi and a muslim was the day you knew you were headed to a dog's life who ended up being labelled "inferior" in all the aspects of life. accept it and cool down. anger and rebel will not help the situation.

  5. Ok, Indian dude, get it in your head, YOU ARE A FUCKTARD.
    1)I'm not a fucking muslim. But then again, you pray to a cow's anus.
    2)Your Indian. You have a tiny penis. Accept it and move on
    3)Anger will not help. No it won't. Now get the fuck off my property.

  6. Good luck to you both with the exams.
    No doubt the lesbians will be waiting when you return, as will I.
    And congrats on the job - it may pay peanuts but will look great on a CV and in time who knows what it may develop into.
    I look forward to the day when you are an ace reporter working for an international TV station and I can say I knew him when he was a humble blogger.

    @anonymous - dont you think there is enough race hate in the world without turning on your inter-continent neighbors ?
    From England....GO FUCK YOURSELF !

  7. @Everyone but anonymous because he's a fucktard - Thanks. I hope I do manage to scrape some As on my exams and be back soon.

    @Nicole - I'll be back. But only because you asked so nicely ;)

  8. you are a Bangladeshi and you are not a Muslim? oh yes, prostitute spawns do not have a religion. they barely qualify as homo sapiens sapiens

  9. Prostitute spawn is also normally very dumb. They stutter. They also can't say homo sapiens without repeating sapiens. Oh wait, thats you. Fucktard.

  10. I'm known for being a sweetheart, but not as much of a sweetheart as your friend Anonymous, here.

  11. @That Guy:
    damn, you should Google stuff before forming an opinion. See, my point? You Bangladeshis don't even know the scientific name of Humans...its Homo sapiens sapiens...not Homo sapiens. LMAO.

    Who is the retard my friend?

  12. @Nicole
    Thanks babe. ;)

  13. @Nicole - Thanks sweetheart. While I'm gone do you mind looking after Anonymous? His mother left him while he was young and he's obviously troubled.

    @Anonymous - Still you mate. Copied from wikipedia, after a Google search as you suggested. "Humans, known taxonomically as Homo sapiens" But then again you're Indian. I can't expect too much brain activity from you.

  14. Of course, of course.
    Here Anonymous, come rest your head on my bosom, Mama will make everything better!

  15. @Nicole
    Mum mum....lurve lurve...

  16. @That Guy
    dude..........................................Homo sapiens sapiens is the trinomial name, which also happens to be sort of scientific name the world regonizes are not even updated! Flames apart, That Guy, are you a Humanities student? Cuz, if you are, you have my sympathy and empathy as well...

  17. and stop deleting my comments, duh!

  18. I'm deleting your comments because I don't want your shitty Indian filth on my blog. And ooh, aren't you the smart one. You repeat words. I am impressed.

    Flames apart? The fuck does that even mean?

    Now, would you get off my blog? If you have a problem with Bangladesh, go blog about it on your own blog. And seriously, why are you anonymous?

  19. Anonymous, darling, are you REALLY laughing your ass off?

  20. Look, I just said I wanted to end this. And I do. So I'm going to delete that last one. Bye bye Anonymous. I hope you have a good life and one that doesn't involve us interacting again. :)

  21. MERDE=shit
    i dont get what your getting at marie

  22. @That Guy - Aw, made me nervous... I can hang out a month! No problem... I wish you luck in your exams, you're smart so you'll be fine. You're talented so you will do well at your new job too!

  23. Thanks people.

    In other news, my stats page just gave me a heart attack. 13 views yesterday? I feel an emo pissy-fit coming on. I need a rusty razor blade for my wrist.

  24. Yeah, mine's been sucking too, I don't know what the hells up with that. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with my laziness or lack of substance in my posts...

    I don't know why I'm here again. Your comments entertain me.

  25. You'd think so. Something about seeing a post about "I'm leaving" seems to make people not want to follow. Go figure.

    I know. They entertain me as well.

  26. well dead-girl can't un-follow you :)

    so now you have twins here unless you get rid of dead-girl