Monday, 7 February 2011

Footnote to Previous Post

This post is a footnotes to the previous post ... as the title suggests. If you know the whereabouts of the Fat Girl mentioned in the last post please report to us her rough coordinates (doesn't need to be exact, I am sure we can spot her from a distance). You may contact us at 0800-I-SPOTTED-A-BLOB. Here is an artists sketch of the fat girl:

On a descriptive note we would like to draw you attention to the restless eyes, constantly scanning the background for sugar-coated delights. Also please note something our artist hasn't drawn; the area around her mouth in general will have some remains of the cupcake she consumed 2 to 3 minutes ago.

If seen then kindly contact us immediately. Do NOT approach, I repeat, DO NOT APPROACH. If you hold a sugary treat (especially a cupcake) in you hand then slowly place it on the ground and back away. It is advisable that you do not make eye contact. Any sudden movements will make the Fat Girl feel threatened and she may fall ... hard. After receiving your call we will be on the scene in less than ... who am I kidding? We will be on the scene in more than an hour will all our professional Fat Girl capturing gear which consists of a saddle, a fishing rod with a cupcake as bait and other advances pieces of equipment which I will not bother explaining to our 3 readers because you won't understand.


  1. OH MY FUCKING GOD!! it's HER!! she ate my bag =[

  2. if only we had made this post earlier your bag may have been spared :s

  3. Quiet people. We actually have a fat girl on the follower's list. I would be scared if she found this.