Sunday, 6 May 2012

If you're under 18, don't let your Mom catch you reading this

WARNING: The following shit is made of material you would not want to use to tailor your kid's money suit. Continuing to read means you lose all rights to complain, also, you suck.

What is it with airline food? I mean, it tastes pretty shit but surprisingly enough you don't puke, which is doubly astonishing because you're on an aeroplane. And why are they the subject of so many incomplete groan-inducing stand up jokes?

Another thing I don't get is why vaginas (and genitalia in general) are censored in Japanese porn.That's right, I'm 18, I can (legally) watch porn now, fuck you That Guy, fuck you conservative readers and fuck you Pakistan government (for banning porn, more on that later)! So, Japanese porn. Do Japanese men fear the VJ? Are they disgusted by it? Is it in the models' contract? Is there a law about it? Or do that have some mutual trust with porn companies which go along the lines of "We trust that under the blur there is indeed a vagina, you do not need to show it to us." The same way national banks and the public have a mutual trust regarding currency - "We will give you this amount of gold for that piece of paper, so long as you never ask for the gold ... ever!"

I think sometime last year porn sites were banned in Pakistan. Now I didn't feel the effects of this until a month after the ban for some reason. There was talk of it in school, how people started staring lustfully at their neighbor's cats and how the mule which was previously used to pull the teachers to school in a cart was now available for 'after hours' services. I did not indulge in any of these activities because I still had my porn.

Sorry about the crappy recent posts. Maybe That Guy will make a second part to this? Meh.


  1. you really had me thinking with this article , honestly though , why do they blur them out . I really think its some bullshit . and those airplane food jokes just blow the hell out of me , I mean it can't be tht bad , right ?

  2. Tsk Tsk Young man what do you mean you have your porn! and here I was thinking what a pure young man you were ,No wait wrong blog OK carry on TG you reprobate :)